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Inspired by the trials of today and crafts tomorrow.


RVRND is an independent brand crafted by reality.

Waters Cap

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Waters Cap

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Summer 18 collection is based on Lompoc's own backyard, Surf Beach. For those who grew up in the area can probably think back to the first time someone told you not to go in the water. Since 2008 Surf has become well known shark waters. There being a shark attack every two years since the 2008 attack with the last one in 2016. Makes this year, 2018 the next to come (we hope not). Some marine scientists actually believe it may be the same shark since sharks are known for remembering areas of a last feed. Surf Beach has been documented in the upcoming "Shark Week" special on Discovery Channel. We figured we would include some limited edition "Chomp" merch for the occasion.

*Limited Edition*

  • Front logo embroidered “Chomp” design

  • OSFA

  • Color Light Blue

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